Outstanding Cambridge-Essarp Learner Awards

Outstanding Cambridge-Essarp Learner Awards

Argentina 2018

Cambridge Assessment International Education recognizes the exceptional performance of those learners who have been awarded the highest marks in their exams taken in 2017.

At the ceremony held on Tuesday 19th, Mr. Mark Kent, Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Argentina and Mr. Richard Gilby, Regional Director Latin America to Cambridge Assessment International Education, presented the following awards to these students:

* Top in Argentina (awarded to learners who have achieved the highest standard mark in their country for a single subject):

- IGCSE English Literature                            Camila Duarte

- AS Global Perspectives & Research          Sofía Rivarola Pichavant


* High Achievement (awarded to learners who have achieved outstanding results in subjects which are not so widely taken):

- AS Physical Education                               Victoria Durand

- AS Spanish Literature                                 Constanza María Garay

                                                                       Sofía Rivarola Pichavant

The awards reflect the talent and hard work of learners, and acknowledge the dedication and commitment of both teachers and parents.

We would like to thank all our staff for their daily work, their continuous support and their sustained pursuit of excellence.

And above all, we congratulate our students on their achievement and their willingness to go further in their education. We are very proud of them, and delighted to have watched them acquire skills such as critical thinking, commitment, reflection, curiosity, empathy and passion for learning, which are fundamental to their future life and key qualities in building a better, fairer world.     

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