Celebration of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

May 31, Secondary and 4th, 5th, 6th forms 

We celebrated Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, remembering that she was the first one to start this journey of faith, forgiveness and communion.

We offered paper hearts, as symbols of our own hearts, to Our Mother, so we can keep on walking always together.

“Our Lady of the Sacred Heart decided to come here, and so we’ve become part of this journey that we are walking along with Claudine, our feet carrying the Virgin, with our hands joined in community, and discovering with our eyes the need we have today to be together with Mary.

Let’s prepare our hearts to receive Mary, in the same way her pregnant cousin Elizabeth did, and so we keep walking together with her, as Claudine started this journey 200 years ago, walking always with our Mother by her side, and also as Mother Esperanza followed here, carrying always this our Virgin with her.”

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